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what is Instagram down

Instagram Down Is Lakhs of people all over the world as well as in India reported problems on WhatsApp. They were unable to download photos, they were unable to download videos and they even failed to download voice notes as well. Only the text messages were going through. At the same time, Facebook and Instagram too had the same problem. On Facebook, many users failed to post pictures.

Instagram down :

On Instagram as well, all over the world people were unable to post pictures. The problem it seems is with Facebook servers, which powers WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook. Many people shared their experiences regarding this problem on Twitter. Facebook same in an exceedingly statement and confirmed that there’s a drag with its apps.

They are working to solve the problem. They are trying to solve it soon. Facebook has given no reason for this problem. Currently, the problem seems to have been solved. We will have to wait for further updates from the companies.

Why Instagram down

More than 38,000 people worldwide have reported issues with the photo-sharing site, which is owned by Facebook The website showed a map of the worst-affected areas, including the UK and much of the US A number of problems were also reported in the US.

particularly on the east coast around New York Many Instagram users took to other social media sites when problems appeared just before 11 pm Thursday One Twitter user wrote: “What’s going on with Instagram everyone’s saying theirs isn’t loading ” The hashtag “#instagramdown” quickly became one of the top Twitter trends in the UK and other parts of the world By 11.40pm, 57,000 people around the world had reported issues with the site.

Shortly afterward, Instagram finally acknowledged the problem Instagram’s official Twitter account wrote: “We’re aware that some people are having trouble accessing their Instagram accounts “We’re working quickly to fix the issue.”

What is Instagram

this is Instagram it’s a social media app that lets users take edit and share photos and 15-second videos, okay so Instagram is super popular especially with teens it has a ton of cool filters which makes posting images fun another big draw is all that Instagram-love teens can get lots of likes and comments from followers plus you can send private photo messages to up to 15 mutual friends so what do you need to look out for well public sharing is a default setting to change the settings ASAP to keep images and locations private also despite strict terms around content users can come across racy photos and inappropriate language for more advice on the latest social media apps visit us at common sense org.

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